I had never been to Timisoara before. This is why when Deutsche Telekom Services Europe (DTSE) invited me to their headquarters in Timișoara I did not hesitate. Being their 5 years anniversary party, I could understand their activity, I could see the headquarters and I could also visit Timisoara. For all this, they introduced me to Timea Schipek – their Welcoming Ambassador.

Basically, DTSE has this employer branding initiative through which 8 ambassadors (6 in Bucharest, 2 in Timisoara) are volunteering to promote the brand ambassador to colleagues or possible future colleagues. They take their time and help in various areas where it is needed. To me, this tool seemed very human and useful. For example, as a Welcoming Ambassador, Timea ensures that new employees have all the necessary information: explain the procedures, provide them an employee kit, answer questions, help them to integrate and to understand the processes. In other words, she helps them to feel good at work.

I was very glad to have Timea around, she’s really a wonderful girl! She is 23 years old, she:

  • works for Deutsche Telekom for two years
  • does a master in communication and digital media
  • loves her grandmother very much
  • was my guide in Timișoara.


I took the plane from Bucharest directly to Timisoara, so at 08:00 I was already in the city. I quickly went to the hotel, left my luggage and went to Jazz TM – a wonderful jazz festival that was taking place on my weekend over there. Even if I was aware that I did not have enough time, I saw in the line-up The Cinematic Orchestra, one of my favorite bands. I said to myself, “Let’s try to get to their concert.” So, I sent a message on the festival’s facebook page, I presented myself and I asked them if I have any changes to meet the band in the backstage. They told me it’s all good, I’ll get a badge as soon as I get there. It was that simple! So, as I landed in Timisoara, I went directly to the festival organizers and I got my press badge.

  • Ovride – specialty coffee

As I walked slowly to the Deutsche Telekom‘s headquarters, quite sleepy and tired after the flight, I saw a place that was looking very fresh and at a table outside there were two boys drinking something that looked like Flat White coffee.

– Is the coffee good here?

The best coffee in Timișoara, you should try it!

That’s how I got to Ovridea small and chic place, with amazing coffee indeed.

As soon as I got into the coffee shop I met Roxana who along with her husband, owns this adorable place. What surprised me a lot is that the place – which looks very good – was not designed by an architect, but by both of them. They bought, thought and done everything on their own, and the result is really wonderful.

Somewhere near the center of Timisoara (I walked from Ovride, which is located in the old center) there are a few business buildings. Two of these buildings are the offices of Deutsche Telekom Services Europe, where Timea works. Very briefly explained, Deutsche Telekom means 120 employees in Timisoara in charge of shared human resources services for 15 entities. Besides Timisoara, there is a headquarters with 180 employees in Bucharest.

Although belonging to the same group, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe is a completely different company from Telekom Romania. Many people make this confusion, even I thought the same until I met them.

We went together to her office and I wanted to take a tour in the company to see how it looks like, who are the emplyees, how is the atmosphere and so on. From the first few minutes I was surprised by two things: 1. How young they are! (83% of the emplyees are Millennials) 2. How many languages ​​I’ve heard around! Given the nature of the company, the multitude of spoken languages ​​seems logical. But still, it was very exciting to see so many young people laughing, speaking in different languages, sitting in the hammock. I was wondering: how would it be to work daily with such a great mood?

The terrace

The Deutsche headquarters in Timisoara have this huge terrace where  I saw people working, talking, smoking, relaxing, looking at the sky.

Relaxing & Art

There is also a relaxation area full of puffs, hammocks, tables + a colourful wall decorated with Flamingo birds! This visual wall is made by a local artist and it changes every year.

The office

I was trying not to look surprised, but I couldn’t handle it. If in the small retreat areas – it’s about small islands where once you sit you are soundproofed and you can retire, give a phone call, think about things – I was pretty balanced, when I saw the offices covered by moss and plants I was visibly enthusiastic :))

The kitchen was also extremely colorful, an open space with puffs and young people eating. Overall, I felt like on a vacation and I think more and more companies should follow their example. People need this vibe, people need flamingo birds on the walls, hammocks or breaks on the terrace.

  • Urban

After finishing the tour, I went with Timea in a very fresh place to eat – Urban – amazing food!

 Unirii Square and Timea


Scârț, loc lejer

The gates in Timișoara

The big party

As Deutsche Telekom Services Europewascelebrating 5 years of existence in Romania, I went to their anniversary party at Fratelli, on the terrace, where we got this view:

We had a live band, we danced, we enjoyed the fireworks, we drank cocktails, looked at the photos, laughed, and spent a wonderful evening together.

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, people standing and indoor

In the JAZZ TM backstage

After the party, at midnight, I ran to Jazz TM, where the The Cinematic Orchestra concert was going to take place that night. I had a badge and I did not want to miss the opportunity to use it. For years, I’ve been listening To Build a Home and many other songs. I was very tired, but the idea of meeting The Cinematic Orchestra gave me all the energy in the world.

When I got to the square, it was full of people, but I went directly in the backstage – and I woke up behind the scenes where The Cinematic Orchestra was already singing their second song. I was trembling with emotion. It was absolutely incredible.  Thank you, Jazz TM, see you next year!

Hotel Continental

Because of some changes in the schedule, my single room was replaced with an apartment – for the same price, somehow I think they were out of single rooms, so I was punished with this apartment. I think it was one of the best accommodations I had in my life: the view, the apartment was huge, wine from the house, relaxing bed, everything was perfect.

Breakfast in Timișoara

The morning after the party and festival, I went to a very famous place in Timișoara – many friends of mine have recommended it, so I recommend it further – they have a lot of choices for breakfast: Neața Omlette Bistro.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor


Image may contain: food

Image may contain: food

With this last stop, I went to the airport and returned home, to Bucharest, promising to my self that the next time I would spend more than 24 hours in Timisoara. What an incredible city! I’m seriously thinking about moving over there because of the peaceful atmosphere, because of the cultural options I’ve discovered and the calm people I’ve met. Regarding the career, Timișoara was full of surprises for me as well. As I could see, there are many excellent opportunities in cool places like the one I’ve been interacting with.

If you are interested in a job at Deutsche Telekom Services Europe, you should know that, being a young company in Romania, it has many open positions. So, if you speak European languages ​​- in Timisoara there is a great demand for German – and you want a cool job in your career, you can write an email to careers@telekom.com

These being said, thank you, Deutsche Telekom Services Europe! + thank you, Timea! It was an amazing experience for me!