It’s always hard to choose what I love more: poetry or music. Truth be told, sometimes I listen to music just because of the lyrics. I keep a song on repeat for months for a particular verse. I can listen to a 10-minute song just for that single word which makes me tremble with emotion.

Maybe this is why I simply adore Asaf Avidan: he is the perfect mix between music and poetry. His songs are poems in motion. I have seen him twice in live concerts, I know all his songs by heart and I follow everything he does in the artistic field. I am a fan of his original way of looking, singing, being. Probably one of my favorite human beings I have never met in person, but I have always felt close to.

I am among those who pre-ordered his first poetry book & probably one of the first Romanian people who actually own it. I have read it singing the verses in my head, with the Spotify turned on, reminiscing about the moments when I had those songs playing in the background or about the person(s) with whom I was at that time. Asaf’s poetry & music help me to forgive much easily, to love more intensely, to regret more peacefully. And this is what art does: it makes us more human.

Love is wave

around our bodies


And who was I to dare

to love you or to interfere

with all the scars that you declared

across your lips


you’ll finally sing

but I won’t be there to hear your call


she said “Don’t you think to fall is just to study?”


You, my friend

have nothing to fear, my friend

You have nothing to fear, my friend

except for love


There are still shadows all over my skin

in the place your body used to fit in


She’s just a small girl

but she’s a world to me


what’s the use of falling

if every lesson learned

is that every breath that I inhake

without you is a stone unturned


Spend away your years through fears

and let it all fly


And if love is not the key. If love is not a key

I hope that I can find a place where it can be


I know that in your heart there us an answer to a question

Which I’m not, as yet, aware that I have asked


If I threw my broken body

let it shatter on the rocks

would you pick up all my imperfections

keep them hidden in your jewellery box?


and I’ll see you when I am born into your world



The waves will tear my battered arms

but in my heart the water is calm


“To Love Another” |  Asaf Avidan  | 2020 |